Oak Ridge Whitetails was founded in 2012 with the goal to provide hunting opportunities for Mature Typical Whitetail Bucks. Located in Johnstown NY the property sits in the Foothills of the Adirondack Mountains on 600+ acres of dense woods, swamps, fields, and food plots. Hunting at Oak Ridge Whitetails can be challenging and hunters are encouraged to plan a few days in order to harvest the buck of a lifetime. Hunts are not guaranteed without putting in some hours in the stand. Oak Ridge Whitetails is as close to fair chase as it gets with all of our deer being born wild on the property and never handled. Unlike other operations we do not buy deer and turn them out prior to hunters arriving. This makes for a challenging hunt that can require a lot of patience. We have a variety blinds to match any hunter’s physical needs as well as being able to accommodate handicap hunters. You can expect to primarily be hunting from elevated enclosed blinds and ground blinds which are equipped with heaters so you will stay warm even on the coldest of days. All hunts are guided and extensive scouting from trail cam photos will help the guide put you in the right location for your dream buck.

Oak Ridge Whitetails

Many factors come in to play in order to grow Trophy bucks on a property including Age, Nutrition and Genetics. At Oak Ridge Whitetails we understand how important Age is for a buck to reach full potential and we take part in a very strict management program that focuses on harvesting mature Trophy Bucks that are four or five years old, giving them plenty of time to produce large antlers. Passing on a buck during his early years is the only way to let him grow however other hunters in our area did not adopt the same practice, to resolve this issue Oak Ridge Whitetails put in place a high fence around their entire 600 plus acre property to keep deer from traveling to other lands where they may be harvested before their prime. This has allowed us to strictly manage the deer on our property and ensure they will reach a mature age to harvest.

Nutrition is another important factor that we have not taken lightly at Oak Ridge Whitetails. In order to grow big mature bucks, they need to be healthy. We have incorporated clover and alfalfa food plots, apple trees, corn fields and various planted legumes into our property to help keep the deer herd healthy all year long. To supplement these natural food sources, we also have protein feeding stations for the deer to provide the required protein they need in peak antler growing months.

Genetics is the third factor in this formula for success and at Oak Ridge Whitetails we have some of the best in the country. Utilizing our northern whitetail deer genetics known for mass we introduced Texas genetics that give our deer big, wide frames. With the focus on Typical genetics vs non Typicals you can expect to see big bucks without losing the traditional whitetail look.

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