Here are a few of the commonly asked questions from Hunters.

Do I need to bring my own firearm?

If you are comfortable with your rifle feel free to bring it, if not one will be provided for you.

Do I need a New York state hunting license?

No you do not need a hunting license to hunt on our property.

Can I take my buck home?

Yes a tag will be provided and you can transport your buck home.

What if I want to mount my trophy?

We can set you up with a local taxidermist and transport it there for you or you can take it yourself to one near your own home.

What if a shot never presents itself?

We will hunt hard to make sure that doesn’t happen but in the event we are just unable to get a shot we will re-schedule your hunt and have you come back for another opportunity.

Can I bow hunt?

Yes, however it is only available on our Gold and Platinum hunting packages. Call for more information regarding bow hunting.